How to Manage Your Content with Box for iOS


You can go through the procedure for creating, viewing, editing and sharing the content by using your smartphone. If you have an iPhone or iPad and want to know how to manage your content with Box, then you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Add Files and Folders from iOS to Box?

In case you like to go through the adding files and folders process from the iPhone and iPad to phone apps Box, then follow the steps to know how to add files and folders from iOS to Box:

  • Go to the iPhone or iPad applications Box.
  • Create a new folder or go to the folder where you want to add the iPhone and iPad files in the applications Box.
  • After finding the folder, you have to press on the “Plus” symbol which is located in the upper right-hand side of the iOS display.

How You Would Like to Add Files and Folders?

The users need to select in which way they want to go through the adding process of Files and Folders. Here are some of the ways of adding the Files and Folders in the applications Box:

  • Make a New Folder. The users can make a new folder in the folder which they are viewing recently.
  • Capture Photo or Video. They can capture the picture or video by using the system camera. In case they choose this button, then it will let the “media library” to gets open inside the mobile application box. They have to give permission mobile application box for accessing the “media library.”
  • Creating and editing the Box notes. They can make a new note for the mobile application box inside the folder they are viewing recently.

How to Copy, Move, or Delete items from Box?

For copying, moving, or deleting many files from the account on Box that they can use the Box for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, go through the steps listed below to know how to copy, move, or delete items from Box:

  • Select the files or folders where you like to copy, move, or delete many folders.
  • Choose the items by clicking on file or folder where you like to move those items.
  • After clicking on the “Selection Mode”, also click on other files or folders choose from them.
  • In case you wish to close the “Selection Mode” window, click the “Cancel” button.
  • Press “Delete” or “Move or Copy” button located from the end pull-down menu for completing the procedure.
  • The users need to choose the folder earlier than they start moving or copying a file procedure.

How to Include Files and Folders on the Recents Column?

You can get a list of your recent viewing files and folders by going to the “Recents” column. This column contains files and folders which are currently viewed either on another system or in the mobile app Box.

You will get below-mentioned files on your system screen:

  • Previewing files and folders.
  • The file and folder which gets open by clicking on the shared URL.
  • The list of recently viewed hundred files and folder

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